Рамзан Кадыров: «С каждым днем ситуация для противника близка к катастрофе»

The head of the Chechen Republic said the Nazis suffered significant damage in one of the districts.

The head of the Chechen Republic did not specify a specific place of action, but emphasized that the enemy’s situation is close to a catastrophe on a daily basis.

“From that moment on, the enemy becomes Satan and conducts massive fire from long-range cannons. But our warriors, only like this one, burns with anger. In response, the guys deal a decisive blow and literally spray the enemy. All elite Ukrainian Nazi units are thrown into this area. Russian commanders pay special attention to the work of our snipers. They destroyed 6 national team leaders in one day. Aviation also helps a lot, including unmanned aerial vehicles, ”wrote Ramzan Kadyrov on his Telegram channel.

He also noticed that scouts deserve special words. On Saturday, they revealed the location of about 60 Banderites, which were eventually dealt a crushing blow.

“After our special forces rushed them like sidorovs. The result was predictable and we predicted it. The lubricated heels of these 60 Nazis will no longer shine. They are all sent to their ancestors. Daniila Martynow, Sharip Delimkhanov and all dear BROTHERS will support these words with facts, ”reads the news.

Also on the last day, Bandera’s equipment and artillery installations were massively destroyed. Only in one square the enemy lost about 10 tanks and 5 self-propelled guns.

Аслан Музаев
Аслан Музаев

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