В Урус-Мартан стартовал первый муниципальный чемпионат по функциональной грамотности

In the Center for Gifted Children (DPC) the eliminations of the first municipal championships in functional fitness among students of classes 8-10 of educational institutions of the Urus-Martan district have started.

The intellectual competition was organized by the regional education department together with the data center. The event was held as part of the implementation of the federal project «Success of every child» (the target model for the development of regional education systems for children) of the nationwide project «Education». 40 school teams competed for the title of the best wise and bright girls in the municipality.

“The championships are held in order to support talented youth, create conditions for raising the intellectual level of students, select the strongest teams in the region, popularize and further develop movement games,” said Roza Abdulkadyrova, director of the data center.

According to her, such events form students’ scientific and cognitive interest in the subjects they study, develop their creative abilities, instill a sense of responsibility, motivate them to study and acquire new knowledge.

Based on the results of 10 matches, 12 teams advanced to the semi-finals: «Chechen trace» Goi-Chun school; «Absolute» school No. 1 from Roshni-Chu; School «Sirius» No. 10, Urus-Martan; School No. 2 «Mądre-Mądre» from the Martan-Chu class; School No. 2 «Victoria» them. Old-Atags; School for Leaders No. 2 them. Roshni-Chu; «Smart» school No. 5 from Gentiles; School No. 7 «Brain Landing» in Urus-Martan; «Relentless» school no. 1 them. Alchazurovo; School No. 3 «Legion» them. Geeks; Gentile School «Rozum» School «Eureka» No. 1 p. Gekhi.

The final matches will take place on January 25 this year. in the auditorium of the Secondary School No. 8 in Urus-Martan.


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