THE CHRISTIAN REGION PARLIAMENT In Grozny, the 100th anniversary of the outstanding Chechen writer Akhmad Suleimanov will be celebrated

20/05/2022. On the initiative of Magomed Alkhazurov, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Ombudsman of the «World Congress of the Chechen People», a working meeting with Alamakhad Elsayev, member of the parliament of the Chechen Republic, chairman of the Chechen Writers ‘Union of the Republic, was held at the historic residence of the Writers’ Union of the Chechen Republic.

The meeting was also attended by the director of the Municipal Museum of Remembrance. Akhmada Suleimanova — Sovdat Suleimanova and public figure Apti Gelagaev.

The topic of the discussion at the meeting was the preparation and conduct of events devoted to the centenary of the outstanding Chechen pedagogue, teacher, writer, poet, linguist, ethnographer and folklorist Achmad Suleimanov (1922-1995), whose contribution to the development of Caucasian studies and national literature is difficult to overestimate.

The guests thanked Alamakhad Elsayev for the tremendous work that he and the Union of Writers of the Chechen Republic are doing not only in preparation for the anniversary of the AS civilization space of the Chechen Republic.

In particular, the guests thanked the Union of Writers of the Chechen Republic for establishing the Akhmad Suleimanov, naming a street in Grozny with his name and opening a commemorative plaque in the house where the outstanding Chechen writer lived and worked.

Akhmad Suleimanov’s poetry is filled with folk wisdom, deep philosophical content, is distinguished by the perfection of form, vivid imagery, and is rightly considered a pearl of Chechen literature.
The merits of AS Suleimanov were appreciated by the head of the Chechen Republic, the Hero of Russia, Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov, who initiated the preparation and organization of anniversary celebrations.

The press service of the parliament of the Chechen Republic

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