Японским исследователям удалось сделать топливо неогнеопасным

Scientists from the Tokyo Institute of Technology have managed to make the fuel non-flammable. Chemical Engineering Journal tells about the development of scientists.

The main danger of liquid fuel is its ability to evaporate quickly in a confined space. Experts have proposed a solution to the problem: use thickened fuel or fuel that turns into thick, gel-like substances at low temperatures.

Scientists found that storing ethanol in the polymer gel completely inhibited its volatility.

“The polymer gel contains countless three-dimensional polymer chains that are strongly chemically cross-linked. These chains bind ethanol molecules through various physical interactions, limiting ethanol evaporation in this process, ‘said Professor Hosoya.

Experts conducted a series of experiments and concluded that in the future the fuel will be safe to store in gel networks of polymers. For now, however, scientists must continue their research.


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