PARLIAMENT CR B. Chazbulatov met with the Minister of Construction, Housing and Communal Services of the Czech Republic

May 13, 2022. Among the many functional duties of a deputy of the highest legislative body in the region, the implementation of the electoral mandate is of key importance. The fulfillment of this noble mission, due to the content of the meetings with the inhabitants of rural settlements, was dictated by the visit of the Deputy Chairman of the Seym of the Chechen Republic, BA Khazbulatov from the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Chechen Republic.

In an interview with Minister M. Zaipullajew, the MP spoke laconically about the purpose of his stay in this ministry. It consisted in the need to obtain reliable information about the consideration of the appeal of the teaching staff and parents of students of MBOU “Liceum Nr. Pravoberezhnoye Grozny Municipal District «on the neutralization of the effects of the destruction of the building that teachers and students feel on a daily basis in this educational organization.

Answering the current question of the deputy speaker of the parliament of the Chechen Republic, the minister spoke in a professional and substantive manner about the implementation of the seismic program, which involves solving similar problems. Noting that the program plan for 2022 was already implemented in the Chechen Republic in 2021, M. Zaipullaev announced that the events of 2023 would be postponed to this year, which involves the commencement of the construction of an educational building for 200 places and a sports hall for the high school with them. Pravoberezhnoe.

Speaking of the participation in this program of the Grozny district, which, on behalf of the Chairman of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic of Hero of Russia, M.Ch. Daudova oversees BA Minister Chazbulatov announced plans to build a school for 720 students in the rural settlement of Petropavlovsk in 2022.

In addition to these facilities, according to M. Zaipullaev, this year as part of this program in the Chechen Republic, it is planned to start building another 10 general and kindergarten institutions.

The construction of educational organizations in 2022 as part of the seismic program and 10 schools as part of the nationwide project Education, according to BA Chazbulatow, this is a significant contribution both to solving the problem of the three-shift educational process in educational institutions and the qualitative transformation of their multi-faceted activities.

On the basis of a long but positive dialogue — summed up the parliamentarian — the purpose of the visit, which was to solve the problem, was achieved.

The press service of the parliament of the Chechen Republic

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