За два года в Грозном отремонтируют более 25 школ

In 2022, the renovation will be carried out in seven educational institutions — informs the press service of the Education Department of the Grozny City Hall.

According to the department, construction work in these institutions is already underway. When carrying out repairs, great importance is attached to the continuity of the educational process. Design cost estimates for a further 18 schools, which will be renewed in 2023, have also been completed.

Zelimkhan Akhmatov, deputy mayor, head of the Education Department of the Grozny City Council, visited schools no. 14 and 60. Demolition works have almost been completed in the buildings, work has begun on the installation of electricity and lighting networks. It is planned not only to replace old floors, roofing, doors, eliminate wall defects and finish them, but also to create a new educational environment.

The department recalled that monitoring of major renovations in schools will continue.


Аслан Музаев
Аслан Музаев

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