Первая женщина, избранная на пост президента Венгрии, приступила к исполнению обязанностей

Janos Ader, who previously held the position, handed over the keys to the official residence of the president of the country, the Sandor Palace in Budapest.

In March, the Hungarian National Assembly elected the vice-chairman of the ruling party chaired by Prime Minister Viktor Orban Fidesz, Minister for Family, Youth and International Relations, Katalin Nowak, as the new president of the country. She became the first woman in this position.

The President of the Republic is elected by the National Assembly for a five-year term. Janos Ader has held this position twice since 2012.

“This morning I received the keys to Sandor Palace from Janos Ader. Every Hungarian can count on me, and I count on every Hungarian. Thank you for your service, Mr. President, ”Novak wrote on her Twitter page.

Katalin Nowak was born in 1977 in Szeged. She studied economics and law at the universities of Szeged, Budapest and Paris. She began her political career as an official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since 2012, she has been working at the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources, where she was appointed Secretary of State for Family and Youth. In autumn 2017, she was elected deputy chairman of the ruling Fidesz party for foreign affairs, and in 2018, after the parliamentary elections, she became a member of the Hungarian National Assembly. In 2020, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban offered Novak the position of minister without a portfolio for family and youth, reports RIA Novosti.


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