В Чеченской Республике до четырех полос расширят 24 км федеральных дорог

We are talking about the repair sections of the Khambi-Irzi highway — Kulary R-217 «Kavkaz» and the Kobi — Novo-Shchedrinskaya R-215 highway, entrance to Grozny. Of these, 14 km will be commissioned later this year, and the remaining 10 km by the end of 2023.

The effect will be to bring the parameters of road sections to the normative requirements of category II, the width of the road will be 14 m, and each lane will be 3.5 m.

The project provides for leveling the milling of the existing pavement in the places of pavement reinforcement and complete disassembly in the places of installation of the new pavement. On behalf of FKU Uprdor «Caucasus», road builders are now replacing the culverts and widening the ground. At the same time, work is underway on the construction of the pavement foundation. Forward — a device made of three layers of asphalt concrete, the top of which is crushed stone and mastic. This type of coating resists cracking, rutting and shear, and can withstand high traffic loads. A covering will be arranged at intersections according to the type of the main road. The roadsides will be reinforced with granules and a gravel-sand mixture, and drainage tubs will be installed.

In order to prevent an oncoming lane in all sections, traffic will be separated by a railing along the axis of the road. The facilities will be marked with thermoplastic markings and new road signs will be installed. Additionally, traffic lights and barrier fences will be equipped.

For the residents of the Khambi-Irzi, Kulary and Novo-Shchedrinskaya estates, the pedestrianized area will become safer and more comfortable. For this purpose, road builders will arrange bus stops with car pavilions, pavements with touchpads and railings. Electric lighting lines will also be rebuilt and traffic lights with a call button will be installed. It should be remembered that electric lighting will also be installed at pedestrian crossings outside the housing estates.

Let us recall that in 2021, as part of the first stage of the renovation of sections R-217 Kavkaz, 4 km were commissioned near Shaami-Yurt and Kulara. During the works, traffic takes place on two lanes (one in each direction). By the end of 2022, 80% of the R-217 “Kavkaz” motorway in the territory of the Chechen Republic will become four-lane (92 out of 116 km).


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