Россияне рассказывают о своем отношении к ЧР и чеченскому народу

An extensive social survey of young people in Moscow and St. Petersburg was carried out by the team of the republican youth media project to fight xenophobia «#Give up stereotypes: Chechnya is fair».

The organizers revealed the attitude of young Russians to the Chechen republic and nation.

Despite the very positive image of the region and the republic’s inhabitants towards the country’s subjects, some Russians have stereotypical thinking about life in the republic. The project to fight xenophobia «#Let go of stereotypes: Chechnya after honesty», which received funding from the Federal Youth Agency and will be implemented in 2023, is to help to overthrow these stereotypes.

The guys came up with a creative approach to solving the problems of the project, aimed at creating conditions for building youth intercultural dialogue in the interests of creating an all-Russian single civil nation and eradicating stereotypes of Russian residents about the modern Chechen Republic with the widespread use of mass media and Internet resources.

Based on the results of the survey, extensive content will be generated, focused on clarifying and disclosing the issues around which negative opinion is formed among Russians.


Аслан Музаев
Аслан Музаев

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