Отдел образования и ПДН ОМВД России по Урус-Мартановскому району усилят взаимодействие

Close cooperation on the implementation of joint work on preventing misconduct among students of general education was discussed on Monday at school No. 8 in Urus-Martan.

The meeting with the school principals of the commune was attended by the head of the Department of Education of the Urus-Martan Municipal District, Movldi Usmanov, representatives of the Department of Education of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the district, headed by the head of service Alichan Umarov.

Speaking to the gathered, the head of the regional social organization stressed that no conflicts and fights, let alone inappropriate behavior, drinking and smoking, are allowed in schools.

“We are closely monitoring the situation in this direction. Together with the Juvenile Affairs Department, this work will be further strengthened and carried out in close cooperation with police officers,” said M. Usmanov.

In his speech, A. Umarov emphasized that PDN will continue to actively cooperate with the administrations of non-governmental organizations, organize events aimed at counteracting the ideology of extremism and antisocial behavior among the young generation.

“Today, teenage crime has become a big problem for the general public. The main task of law enforcement agencies is to prevent and suppress such incidents,” said A. Umarov.

At the end of the meeting, the head of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Urus-Martan region introduced the school principals to the inspectors responsible for some educational organizations in the municipality.


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